Car House People and Car House
Dongguan Car House Business Management Co., Ltd. was set up following the development of Car House, mainly targeted at the offline franchise development business (Namely entity store joins in to expand).
Dongguan Car House Business Management Co., Ltd. has owned two company-operated stores since its foundation up to now (They are: Dongguan Nancheng Store and Dongguan Humen Wanda Store). All the stores are located in the golden area of CBD, and the store area is close to 2,000 square meters. They are committed to building the business model of large-scale stores in China's car aftermarket. In the industry, the company takes the lead in launching the commercial concept of "Car House People and Car House", promoting the healthy development of the car aftermarket, and becoming the brand new business model of new retail and new service in the car aftermarket: open the traditional one-stop car service store service mode, open the double entrance of car aftermarket and life, introduce new business model of new retail and new service brand, to provide 360-degree service for car owners.In line with the overall situation of less time, fragmentation of the car owners in the current society, specially launch customized services, integrate housekeeping, hairdressing, manicure, massage, casual dining, water bar, leisure fitness and other projects into the service car, at the same time, let the owners experience the brand new consumption model of  "easy life, completed in one-stop mode" .
Humen People and Car House
  • Front Desk of Humen Store
  • Humen shop boutique area
  • Humen Rest Area
  • Humen Store
  • Humen Water Bar
  • Humen Car Washing Workshop
Nancheng People and Car House
  • Nanchengmen Shop
  • Nanchengdian car wash
  • Nanchengdian Water Bar
  • Nanchengdian boutique area