Guangdong Car House Electronic Commerce Technology Co., Ltd.
Car House (former name of Riyou) company has had trade cooperation with Japan and other countries since 2004, and has had 15 years of cooperation experience up to now. The main products in the Japanese market are injection molding abrasives, injection molding mobile phone cases, and stationery related products, aromatics car supplies, and household and LED related displays.
2The company has a production plant of 43,000 square meters, 50 molding machines, 10 printing, silver stamping and other machines and about 600 employees.
We know the customer's quality, delivery date, and other relevant cooperation details very accurately. We have an excellent design team, which can design, propose, design and make abrasive tools design consistent with the production of one-stop service according to customer needs.

International Trade Tel:13662900381
International Trade Tel:13922510861
International Trade Tel:13826925145
service assurance
Quick response, give you the best service.
  • Quick reply
    Japanese team professional correspondence makes reply quickly.
  • R & D and production
    According to the simple ideas and drawings, products can be custom-made, samples are proposed, mold-opening and production is carried out.
  • Quality is reassuring.
    Japanese quality standard through full inspection can be declared of customs and shipped by own company.