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Brand Introduction
Autobacs is car supplies comprehensive service supermarket with more than 70 years of history. With nearly 700 stores around the world, Autobacs proprietary brand motor oil is a kind of premium synthetic motor oil, suitable for many luxury cars, deeply loved by consumers. Autobacs motor oil is the highest grade SN recognized by API American petroleum institute, which is the first choice for the flow of "blood" of your car engine.
Audebax can oil is developed by well-known oil manufacturers and Audebax to achieve the perfect integration of effective engine performance and affordable price. No matter in what environment, pure Japanese made Audebax can oil is confident to win customers' favor and trust with superior performance.
  • 1947year
    Since its foundation in 1947 until now
  • 339+
    Registered capital of 33.9+ billion Yen
  • 2040+
    Registered capital of 33.9+ billion Yen
  • 4200employees
    4200 existing employees
  • 637stores
    637 domestic and foreign stores
Six product advantages
  • 1. Extremely thin oil film, amazing extreme pressure resistance (fully meet the needs of turbocharging and in-cylinder direct injection high-pressure engine)

    2. Higher oil film strength, resistance to pressure without cracking, maintain enough oil film thickness;

  • 3. High-tech fully synthetic base oil is superior in wear resistance, energy saving and cleaning performance;;

    4. Can packaging is non-corrosive, so that the oil purity is more pure, can maintain the oil purity for a long time;

  • 5. All models of AUTOBACS can oil are highest grade SN of API petroleum association;

    6. All models of AUTOBACS can oil are highest grade SN of API petroleum association
    Gf-5 (energy saving + emission reduction) saves fuel and reduces emissions, which is generally higher than the standard of oil products in Europe, America and China.

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